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Do drivers have a higher duty of care required around kids?

When a child is hit by a car while riding a bicycle at home, it's a serious accident that needs to be addressed. The driver is obligated to show an increased duty of care, so he or she should have been looking out for children in a residential area, around schools or whenever it's reasonable to suspect a child could be nearby. If it's your child who's hit, you may be able to seek compensation from the driver for the accident.

Man dies after semi crushes vehicle and causes fire

People take risks when they get into their vehicles and drive. Distractions, dangerous drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and those who are texting or talking on a cellphone can increase the risk of injury to themselves and others. If you're hit by someone who was speeding or not paying attention, you know how important it is for drivers to be diligent behind the wheel. A crash where you're the victim means you need to file claims, work with your attorney and negotiate with insurance companies; all things you could have avoided if the other driver was more careful.

Exposed to toxic fumes? You may be entitled to compensation

Welding rods are used often in welding, with various metallic elements making up each of the rods. The problem with these rods is that the metallic elements give off toxic fumes when they're heated to high temperatures. These fumes, when inhaled, can lead to a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions such as Parkinson's disease, kidney disease and even acute metal poisoning.

Bicycle crashes: The facts about bicyclist deaths and injuries

Imagine riding your bicycle down the street; you're entitled to the same rights as any other driver, and there are laws that require drivers to respect the space around you. Despite this, a car comes too close and hits you. Now, you're left with a personal injury that you have to talk to your attorney about before filing your claim, and the driver has to face a lawsuit or settlement negotiations.

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