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Toddler severely injured, 1 dies in serious crash in Oregon

Car accidents can quickly change your life and the lives of people in your life. Sometimes, severe injuries can be caused that result in disabilities or a lifetime of pain; other times, a loved one may be killed and the aftermath must be faced by the family. In any situation, when another person is responsible for the injuries or death, an attorney can help you or your family members get the compensation needed to cover the costs associated with medical bills, funeral expenses or other needs.

Woman dies after being struck by driver who was high

There's no reason for drivers to drive drunk or intoxicated. Doing so can put you at risk, even when you're following the rules of the road. If you've been a pedestrian who has been struck by a car, then you could already be considering working with your attorney to receive compensation. Doing so through a civil case can help drive the point home that what the driver did was dangerous and uncalled for.

Why are there so many crashes on Oregon roads?

Oregon's traffic crashes claim many lives and result in the injury of thousands each year. There's no debate that traffic accidents could be reduced in the state, and while efforts are made, those efforts can't help you after an incident has occurred. If you've been the victim of a car accident, then you are likely seeking compensation with the help of your attorney. To build your case, you may want to consider some of these facts about motor vehicle crashes in Oregon in the year 2013.

What are some common construction injuries?

When you're working in the construction field, you're exposed to hundreds of dangerous situations. Construction poses a serious risk to workers, with over 9 percent of the injuries suffered by workers in the United States in 2009 being linked to construction workers alone. Construction workers also experience 4.3 nonfatal work injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time workers, showing just how dangerous the job can be for many.

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