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You can be fairly compensated for your personal injury

You may not have expected a car to run over your foot while it backed out, and you probably didn't expect to get hit by a car when you were turning in an intersection. The same factor seems to run through many personal injury cases: One party was simply negligent. Being distracted by a text message while driving or deciding to drink behind the wheel isn't a good reason to put others at risk.

Subaru recalls 32,400 vehicles for airbag defects

Subaru of America has announced the recall of certain Impreza model vehicles due to a problem relating to its airbag's occupancy detection systems. The problem prevents the deployment of front passenger airbags during crash conditions. This is a particularly scary issue considering the important role that airbags play in preventing and/or reducing the severity of injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

Road safety tips for Portland bicyclists

Portland is a fairly bicycle-friendly city, but that does not mean accidents won't occur. Indeed, a bicycle is no match for a car and if one or the other gets distracted or some other unforeseen event happens, bikes and cars can get entangled in a collision -- and the cyclist is the one who suffers injury or even death. Fortunately, by keeping the following tips in mind, Portland cyclists can reduce their accident risks dramatically.

Spinal cord injuries can lead to spasticity

There is a variety of different ways that a person can suffer a spinal cord injury. Car accidents, semi-truck accidents and slip-and-fall accidents are a few of those ways. For a person who suffers a spinal cord injury, the cause of the accident is usually only a factor if he or she plans on seeking compensation. That is because once a spinal cord injury occurs, dealing with the effects of the injury is what becomes the focus of life. One issue that plagues some people with spinal cord injuries is spasticity.

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